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Set of 50 Whelping Collars

Allbreeds Whelping Collars breeder bulk order discount set of 50 collars. 


Choose your style:

Velvet, Mixed Prints or Polka Dot


Choose your size:

XS Teacup (Special tiny clips): 9cm - 14cm

Small: 13cm - 20cm

Medium: 16cm - 26cm

Large: 21cm - 38cm 


"Two Sizes" Option is to split your order of 50 into two sizes mentioned in the options i.e Small & Medium. I will make you 25 collars in each size. 


Colours / Patterns will be a  mixed selection made by me. If you have chosen the "Two sizes" options, I will match the colours / patterns in both sizes so they match. 



Dog breed whelping collar size examples from birth:


XS TEACUP  - Toy breed newborns - Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier etc

And some small breed dogs as newborns who may be on the petite size, i.e Pugs. 


SMALL - Fits all small, medium and large breed newborns.

Follow on size from XS Teacup, for toy breeds, ie. chihuahua's. 


MEDIUM - Extra Large and "Giant" breed newborns.

Follow on size for some small breeds like Dachshunds, Westies, or breeds with slim neck's ie. whippets. 


LARGE - Follow on size from most breeds, who wore size Small or Medium as newborns. 



Unsure on sizing? Just ask!

Set of 50 Whelping Collars

£99.50 Regular Price
£79.60Sale Price
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