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Allbreeds Pets started by combining my love for dogs & fashion with my mother's tailoring skills. Together, we created Allbreeds pets, offering bespoke handcrafted doggy couture.

Our Story

We began with creating whelping collars for newborns. As hobby breeders, we found that the velcro collars were rough around our delicate puppies necks, and quickly began to collect fluff and fray around the edges. We felt this “one size fits all” product didn’t meet our expectations, so decided to create our own.


Allbreeds Puppy Whelping Collars are safe, soft, washable and reusable. We wanted to ensure that every puppy could wear one of our collars, and so we created them in 6 sizes, to suit all breeds.


Growing up I have always loved dogs, but my real love for them started when I finally got my own, a special little pug I named Lola. I strove to always get the best of everything for her, and that also included her collar and lead.


Over the years I struggled to find elegant and unique designs that were also safe and durable, not cheaply made or manufactured overseas using flimsy components. Our Allbreeds collars are not only fashionable; they are safely constructed giving you peace of mind whilst you’re out walking.

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