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Whelping Collars
Adult & Puppy Collars
Size Guide


Why choose Allbreeds Collars? 

We believe that every dog is special and strive to create collar & lead designs that reflect this.

We don’t compromise on quality, on style or functionality.

Why buy something off the shelf when you can buy a bespoke design?

with Experiance
A Passion
for Dogs

We have tailoring skills the span over 40 years. Our products have been made on industrial sewing machines in our own home studio with the correct and safest stitch methods.

All of our whelping collars, puppy collars, adult collars and leads are tried and tested. Our products are made to last, using reliable components and sturdy materials.

Each collar design is limited, and exclusive to our shop - you won't find them anywhere else! Our designs change seasonally, so there is always something new. 

Our dogs mean the world to us, which is why we put our heart into everything we make. We ensure our collars are comfortable and durable for everyday wear.

Whelping Collars

Whelping Collar Sizes

How to measure

Use a soft tape measure, a shoelace or a piece of string to measure one of your puppy’s necks. Hold with your fingertip or mark with a pen where the size is comfortable around their neck and place against a ruler or tape measure.


It the best to choose a whelping collar size, which is the same size at it’s starting size to the size of your puppy’s neck. For example, if your puppy’s neck measures at 16 cm, the best size to choose will be a size Large which starts at 16cm. Alternatively the next size up is an XL, which starts at 17cm. These will allow your puppies to have the maximum room to grow into.


Please note for medium to large breed dogs they may require two different sizes as their growth in terms of size from newborn to 8 weeks is considerably more than in toy and small breeds, meaning one collar size is unlikely to fit them from birth until they leave for their new homes.








13cm - 20cm

14.5cm - 23cm

16cm - 26cm

17cm - 28cm

18cm - 30cm

22cm - 39cm

Adult Collars

Adult & Puppy Collar & Leads Sizes

How to measure

Use a soft tape measure or shoelace to check the size of your dog’s neck. Your dog’s collar shouldn’t be too tight, so the best way to find the perfect fit is to choose a collar size which gives your dog some room. For example, if your dog’s neck measures comfortably at 31cm, a size small would the right size.

Collar Sizes





19cm - 28cm

25cm - 38cm

28cm - 44cm

34cm - 55cm



116cm x 1.5cm

116cm x 2.5cm

Lead Sizes

Size Guide

Size Guide

Disclaimer: These breeds are examples, please always measure your dog’s neck size using the above methods before choosing a collar size.
Size xs

Miniature Dachshund

Toy Poodle


Yorkshire Terrier

19cm - 28cm

Jack Russel


Shih Tzu

Miniature Schnauzer

Size small
25cm - 38cm

Bull Terrier


French Bulldog

Cocker Spaniel

Size medium
28cm - 44cm
Size large



German Shepard

Grey Hound

34cm - 55cm
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