Our new Large Breed Wider whelping collars are perfect for big puppies when the standard width whelping collars are getting a little narrow!


Our wide collars are 16mm wide, compared to our standard collars of 10mm wide. They are size 3XL: 22cm - 39cm - one size only!


The wide collars are particularly useful when worn on breeds which have different coat styles such as long hair or curls as it is easier to find the collar under the fur.


They are available in all 13 colours as the standard size collars are to make it easier for breeders to switch the collars over when they need the wider ones.


We only make the wide collars in size 3XL: 22cm - 39cm as this size is adequate to fit large breed puppies upto 10 - 14 weeks. 



Allbreeds Large Breed WIDE Whelping Collars Polka Dot



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