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Faux Fur Male Dog Belly Band Training Wrap

Our belly bands are made with super soft Velboa Faux Fur Material for their outer fabric. They are lined with a waterproof fabric so our bands are leak proof! The inner of the belly band is soft anti pill fleece, this means it won't bobble when washed time and time again, it stays as new!


They have a super strong secure closure of wide velcro, it won't peel off and cannot be bitten and pulled off either.

To ensure that your dog will get a comfortable and secure fit, we make our belly bands with elasticated sides. This means that they won't fall or slide off like you can find with other bands which are just a flat strip of fabric. It also provides the necessary comfort around the stomach when your dog sits down.


Each belly band comes with a disposable sanitary towel pad. Place the disposable pad inside the belly band and its ready to use! Please remember to regularly change the pad liners. 

Perfect for breeders, who own entire male dogs around females in heat.

Travelling, journeys by car for extra protection against accidents especially when stuck in unpredictable traffic!

Protects against home furnishings, scent marking & excitement leaks! Great for visiting other peoples home's in case of marking.

Helps with house training to stop peeing indoors, also excellent for older dogs or those with incontinence.

How to measure your dog:

Please measure around your dogs genital area to ensure you get the right fit. Our belly bands have elastic inside, so it will ensure a comfortable fit as long as your dogs measurement is accurate. To get the right size, make sure your dogs measurements is within the sizes below.
How To Clean:

Our belly bands can be put inside the machine, wash at 30 or 40 degrees and air dry.

Size Chart:
Small: 13 inches - 18 inches (33cm - 45cm) Waist size

Medium: 16 inches - 21 inches (41cm - 53cm) Waist size

Large: 18 inches - 24 inches (46cm - 59cm) Waist size

XL: 21 inches - 27.5 inches (54cm - 70cm) Waist size

Faux Fur Male Dog Belly Band Training Wrap

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