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Allbreeds XS Teacup Size Mix & Match Polka Dots

Made with toy breeds in mind, our XS Teacup whelping collars are perfect for tiny puppies!


We use the same soft material as the standard size range whelping collars, but with a different style clip, ensuring it is safe for the tinniest of necks. 


The clips are an easy to use "slide and click" style. Remember to adjust the neck circumfrence as the puppies grow.



XS Teacup size: 9cm - 14cm   (3.5" - 5.5")



The XS Teacup fit's all toy breed puppies at birth such as Yorkies, Chihuahua, Minature Dachshund. They also fit other small breed puppies from birth such as French Bulldogs, Westies etc if the puppies are petite



Our whelping collars are made with soft and safe materials, ensuring there are no rough edges which may harm your puppy’s delicate skin.



Allbreeds Mix & Match whelping collars allow you to create your very own custom set from all our designs. There are over 30 to choose from! Available in 6 sizes.


Unsure which size to order? Check out our size guide.

Allbreeds XS Teacup Size Mix & Match Polka Dots

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